It is true that every individual is unique and one’s needs might be different from the other. So, when it comes to deciding which procedure is best, we have asked Italian twin Plastic Surgeons, Dr Maurizio and Dr Roberto Viel for answers.

Flatter Tummy and Tummy Tuck

Q: Liposuction and Tummy Tuck: How are they different?

 “Liposuction is just the removal of fat through a liposuction machine, while the tummy tuck is the surgical removal of fat and excess skin with a tightening of the abdominal muscles,” shared Dr Roberto.

Dr Maurizio added that in order to get the best result, a tummy tuck may be combined with liposuction, otherwise known as a lipo-abdominoplasty. Additional areas for liposuction can also be done at the same time. So, it is more cost-effective for the patient.

Q: How do you decide which one is best for a patient?

“If you have excess and redundant skin on the abdomen, you may be a possible candidate for a tummy tuck. There is also an occurrence known as Diastasis Recti where the abdominal muscles are partially separated as a result of overstretching. It is commonly found in women who had multiple pregnancies,” Dr Maurizio said.

“Liposuction is best for individuals who have good skin retraction,” added Dr Roberto.

Q: How is the recovery different for each surgery?

According to the Viel brothers, since a tummy tuck requires surgical removal of the fat and skin, the recovery is longer compared to just liposuction. There will also be a couple of drainages attached for a tummy tuck. These drainages are extremely helpful in minimising the swelling and decrease the risk of fluid accumulation known as seroma – a complication associated with a tummy tuck. 

The scars must be considered when deciding to undergo a tummy tuck because it involves a long permanent scar, while liposuction has multiple tiny scars. 

Q: How is the result of each surgery?

You can immediately see results for both surgeries and can see more improvement once the swelling has gone down and for liposuction, the final results can only be seen after 5-6 months.

All in all, both liposuction and a tummy tuck are great options to consider when deciding for a flatter tummy. 

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