When one reaches the age of 50, it is not surprising to seek ways and treatment in order to maintain a youthful appearance. Given the rapid changes that occur with ageing, making sure that the signs of ageing are kept at bay is the main concern for most.

There are several treatment and procedures that are highly effective according to the Viel brothers, Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel. With over 25 years of experience both here in Dubai and abroad, the Viel brothers have compiled the list of the most recommended treatment and procedures for clients over 50.

Botulinum Toxin Injection

Hearing the word “toxin” might put some people off, however, botulinum toxin injection has been safely and effectively used for the last decade as a treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Its main action is to temporarily freeze the muscles leaving a smoother and less wrinkled appearance.

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Dermal Filler

Facial lines deepen and our cheeks lose its volume and can appear saggy with age. Dermal filler is one popular treatment to soften deep facial lines (e.g. laugh lines) and augment the cheeks giving a plumper and lifted effect.

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Pigmentation Treatment

Age spots are major skin problems most commonly seen in older people. Luckily, depigmentation treatment can improve age spots as well as repair damaged skin.

The treatment consists of two stages. Firstly, the doctor is going to apply the depigmentation mask/cream on the face. This mask needs to be left in place for 8-12 hours. Afterwards, it can be easily removed with soap and water. Secondly, is the home treatment where you will continue and maintain applying the homecare treatment mask. This stage is quite crucial in order to improve the skin’s radiance and tone. Specific instructions will be provided on how to use the home care cream.

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Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is another effective treatment to achieve skin rejuvenation. This treatment can treat age spots, facial lines, wrinkles, and sun-damaged skin.

Laser resurfacing works by removal of the upper layer of the skin which stimulates new collagen growth and thereby tightening the skin. This treatment is done as an out-patient basis and will only take around 45 minutes to an hour depending on the targeted areas. Expect to have a sun burnt-like skin after the treatment. You may also want to take the rest of the day off following the treatment as you may have redness and swelling.

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Fat Injection with Adipose-derived Stem Cells

Fat injection with stem cells can be the treatment of choice for those who opt to have an all-natural skin rejuvenation treatment. The procedure is the same with dermal filler injections but only with the use of your own fat and stem cells.

The stem cells are harvested from fat tissues in bodily areas where you have excess. The harvested fat is then processed that allows the stem cells to be extracted and concentrated. Once the stem cells mature, usually around 2 weeks, they are ready to be used.

Stem cells combined with the fat rejuvenates the facial appearance by increasing blood supply to the treated area and therefore promoting faster healing. Likewise, adipose-derived stem cells maintains and increase the survival of the fat cells.

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Eyelid Surgery

As we get older, the eyelids like everything else starts drooping. Sometimes, saggy eyelids, especially on the upper part, can greatly affect one’s vision. This is one reason to opt for an eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is the surgical removal of skin and sometimes fat on the upper and/ or lower eyelids. It is considered as a day surgery procedure where one can go back home at the same day of the surgery. However, pre-surgery requirement and consultation is necessary in order to establish if one is a good candidate for this type of surgery.  With blepharoplasty, result will be visible in a few weeks as the skin becomes less swollen and bruises disappear.

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Face Lift Surgery

Facelift surgery is the ideal treatment of choice for people over 50s who are experiencing mild to moderate facial loose skin. Those who decide to undergo facelift surgery experience greater benefit for facial rejuvenation compared to non-invasive treatments alone.

Face lift surgery is an invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation and should be well thought. Certain preparations are required to be able to proceed with the surgery.

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