To say that I’m impressed with Roberto’s work is an understatement. His work has been completely brilliant, he is a true professional – a maestro. And the best results have actually been over the last month. I’m delighted, and feel free to forward this email to him. – GU

I underwent the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension or MACS lift with Mr. Maurizio, for some time i had not been happy with the loss of jaw line definition, and a double chin appearing whenever i looked down.

Dr. Maurizio explained what would take place during the procedure and his team of wonderfully trained nurses took very good care of me from start to finish.The operation is carried out in their beautiful clinic and as light sedation was used i was able to go home the same day.There is very little downtime, it was explained to me that i could expect to take 7 days before venturing outside, and in fact as i did not suffer from any bruising i was ready to face the world exactly one week after the procedure.

Whilst i did not suffer from any pain, the first few nights were at most uncomfortable but i have to say this passed very quickly and when you see the results you know that any slight discomfort is well worth it.

I am delighted with the end result, 6 months on the scars are undetectable, and no one would every know that i had undergone a medical procedure to achieve my youthful appearance. – GH

Dr. Maurizio carried out my Factora treatment with the aim to freshen the appearance on my face and neck area, and about a month later saw a major difference in my skin. The procedure itself was not painful, it felt as though little pin pricks were hitting the surface of the skin.

I understand that prior to the treatment cream can be applied to assist with numbing any discomfort. My pores were tighter, I had less fine lines around my lips and mouth area, and certainly could see a much smoother, overall clearer, glowing skin tone, even receiving many compliments!

There is no down time to this treatment as you can very easily cover any slight redness with make up. I definitely thought this procedure was worth it, and would highly recommend it. – GH

I am super happy with the final results. It looks all very natural and people keep complementing me. Even my best friend who used to live years in LA and is very anti-botox in general says the results are amazing.

I like having the mobility although I might next time ask for tiny bit more (although if that takes away the movement then I don’t mind getting a tiny line when lifting one of my eyebrows). Even the static lines on the forehead are fading and softening day by day. Next time I will most definitely get my crow’s feet done as well. I will be coming to Dubai in late November/early December so I guess that works well for the first top-up. However, I am really hoping now that you will come as a visiting doctor to Astana ))). There is a great market here… – GH