“The field of aesthetic medicine has never been the same since the discovery of liposuction.”

Dr Roberto Viel, LCAS

Liposuction has been used as a body contouring and reshaping method for decades. Despite its fame, there have been a number of poor results and poorer patient satisfaction with earlier generation liposuction technique.

It was in early 2001 when the third generation of modified ultrasonic machine has become available in the market. This technology has been named VASER, an acronym for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.” VASER has been designed mainly to reduce or eliminate complications associated with older generation liposuction technology.

“VASER liposuction has improved patient safety with greater clinical outcome.”

Dr Maurizio Viel, LCAS

VASER Liposuction: Excellent Precision Technology

Clinical studies have been conducted and show that VASER liposuction, when compared to earlier devices, effectively targets fat cells and causes less harm to surrounding lymphatics, blood vessels and nerves. The effect of sound waves is to emulsify the fat deposits and at the same time, preserve the blood vessels and surrounding tissues.

VASER Liposuction: Less Downtime

Due to its precise technology in targeting fat tissues, VASER liposuction produces less swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction and allows for skin retraction. Recovery is expected to be faster because there is less blood loss and trauma.

In contrast to traditional liposuction, which generally destroys mechanically all structures of the tissues, VASER liposuction selectively destroys the targeted fat pockets and preserves the supporting structures of the skin and tissues such as the collagen matrix and elastic fibres, therefore maintaining the elasticity of the treated areas and improving recovery and overall result.

VASER Liposuction: Minimal Scarring

In VASER liposuction, tiny incisions (around 4 mm) are made to introduce the liposuction cannulas and probes which are small metal tubes that are used to suction and introduce the ultrasonic frequency waves to the body. The incisions are typically discreet once healed.

VASER Liposuction: Not only for Body Contouring

VASER Liposuction began as a body contouring procedure but has evolved in terms of treatment indication for other potential disorders such as gynaecomastia (large male breasts), macromastia (abnormally large breasts) and even lipomas (a benign tumour of fat origin).

VASER Liposuction: Combination Treatment

VASER liposuction is beneficial to treatments like tummy tuck and facelift for improved result and patient expectations. 

In lipoabdominoplasty (tummy tuck with liposuction), liposuction is applied first to achieve a contour of the body and is then followed by the tummy tuck which removes the excess skin and fat. With this combination, a flatter tummy and better shape and silhouette is achieved.

On the other hand, a facelift improves a sagging face and if combined with liposuction to the chin (double chin) improves the overall facial rejuvenation.

Although VASER liposuction may not address all individual issues, a discussion and examination by a certified plastic surgeon should be taken into account for the best possible decision.

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