Muffin tops and saddlebags.  Sound familiar?

There are few of us, both men and women, who don’t wish our ‘muffin tops’ away ie. the overhang of fat that spills over our favourite pair of jeans.  The frustrating truth for many as we get older is that our ‘muffin tops’ and ‘saddle bags’- stubborn fat under the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, seem to concrete themselves on top of our hips and tummy area even though we attempt diets and exercise. Dr Maurizio Viel and Dr Roberto Viel explain their unique technique of counteracting these wanted curves using the VASER Liposuction machine.

For men and women, unfortunately due to genetic and lifestyle conditions, may often find ourselves collecting fat in unwanted and unexpected places.  Women who have had children are prone to collecting fat around their tummy area and inner and outer thighs.  Others collect back fat.

Old School

Until the arrival of ultrasound, traditional liposuction methods involved a clumsy metal tube inserted aggressively to remove the fat creating ‘tunnels’ in the fat.  As some of the older techniques lacked accuracy, everything surrounding the fat, like blood vessels and skin tissue, is damaged causing more blessing, bruising and pain, leading to a greater downtime; and it the surgeon, suing the more traditional methods operates too superficially (near the skin’s surface), the patient can find themselves with rippling and wavy effect rather than a smooth result.

Fast Forward

So what is available in the market these days?  Research shows that the best results in the market come from ultrasound machines, and the top of the rangers the VASER Liposuction machine from the US.  What makes this VASER machine so unique?  In those concrete fat areas, the fat cells hav few receptions, and they are the last place the body will seek energy from so even a strong diet and exercise program cannot remove them.  The VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound waves pitched at a frequency to only target the fat cells.  When the liposuction probe is inserted it literally ‘melts’ the fat when the ultrasound waves emitted from the probe hits the fat cells, but leaves all the surrounding tissues like blood vessels and skin tissue in tact.

Patients are often even more surprised to learn that the incisions will be only 1cm; for example, the liposuction incisions for the VASER are made just under your bikini line so there are no visible scars unlike the tummy tuck.  The tummy tuck is an entirely different procedure, and requires the surgeon to remove the excess skin.  Therefore, if the Viel brothers will decide during the consultation if a tummy tuck is require or not.  The VASER Liposuction is now used also in conjunction with special skin tightening machine using plasma.  This creates amazing skin tightening in certain skin indications to help retract the skin.

Mummy Tummy vs Six Pack

Many women and men are under the impression there is a long recovery period and the operation is carried out under general anesthesia.  On the contrary, patients especially the ‘mummy brigade’ are pleasantly surprised to find that VASER Liposuction with the Viel brothers, Dr Maurizio and Dr Roberto, is a day procedure carried out under sedation (midpoint between local and general anaethesia), and they are able to walk out of the day hospital the same day.

Most importantly, mums with especially young children, find they are physically able to be with their young children almost 24-hours after the surgery, despite being a little tender and sore.  Dr Roberto says’ it is important for these mums to maintain their independence so the VASER Liposuction offers them a practical solution.’

The other demographic group that is growing at an exponential rate is men whoa re turing to liposuction to regain their youthful bodies.  Dr Maurizio explains that ‘many men fin dit tough to lose these pockets especially in the flanks, their abdomen area but after the procedure the men are more encouraged to maintain their physiques and change their lifestyles.  One of their patients describing his experience said ‘it was great to go to the gym, do a few sit ups, and see the results so quickly.  I can’t help sometimes looking over at other men with their beer bellies at the gym and feeling a bit satisfied with my ‘cheat’ technique.

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