The physical impact of pregnancy and childbirth on our bodies is hard to underestimate. Whilst the joy and beauty of having babies and raising a family far outweighs the impact on our figures we can be forgiven for wanting to look and feel our best post-baby. There can also be medical reasons for choosing surgery postpartum as women’s bodies don’t always recover and heal from the impact of giving birth.

There may be extra weight gain which won’t shift with normal diet and exercise post baby, or you may have loose skin even when you’ve lost the baby weight. There may also be unsightly stretch marks as well as sagging breasts which have shrunk after breast feeding. As mothers we need to give our body time to heal but it may also be an opportunity to reshape these parts of the body to restore confidence and get back to your pre-baby shape.

Understandably the most common surgeries after childbirth are abdominoplasty aka a tummy tuck, liposuction and or a breast lift or implants. All of these procedures target the areas most affected by childbirth and are best done after you’ve finished having babies.

A tummy tuck helps to re-tighten the abdominal wall after all the over-stretching during pregnancy. In extreme cases, the stomach wall separates so much that a woman can look like she’s still pregnant and no amount of exercise can change this.  In other cases, after pregnancy there can also be excess skin which makes it hard to wear certain clothes or to hide the bulge.

VASER Liposuction can reduce the excess fat around the tummy, inner and outer thighs or other areas that have changed shape with pregnancy and restore definition and shape which can then be maintained with a healthy lifestyle balanced and with good diet and exercise.

To regain shape and lift breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding you could choose either a breast lift or reduction or implants (boob job) using either harvested (autologus) fat or using silicon implants. The results of the surgery will increase the cup size and volume of the breast and can correct sagging breasts and reposition the nipple in the centre. It is completely up to you how much to increase your cup size by and which method you choose but your surgeon will advise on which method might suit you best.

Whatever reason you choose to look into surgery and whichever procedure you select the outcome should be one that helps you regain confidence and restore your body shape so you can move forward contentedly in your life as a mother.

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