The Liquid Facelift – by an anonymous patient

While I am way too young to undergo (or even think) about having a facelift, lately, with late nights and hectic deadlines taking a toll, I have been looking tired, under the weather and my face is sagging ever so slightly in places it never used to. I needed help. I met with Plastic Surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel, at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) based in Dubai Healthcare City, who recommended I have his gentle liquid facelift which ultimately give me a look that would be subtle, discreet and still inject some of the youthfulness I had lost back into my face.

Dr Maurizio explained to me that a liquid facelift is basically injectable fillers used in conjunction with Botox as and where needed. The synergistic combination of the two can give a look of a wonderfully lifted and rested face. However he was quick to point out that this is definitely not a substitute for a surgical facelift and a liquid facelift will not help an individual with excessively loose skin. The amount of fillers and Botox used varies form person-to-person, depending on the laxity, lines and wrinkles formation and the condition of the person’s skin overall. Dr Viel further went on to explain that this would not only restore the volume of my face but give me a lifted and youthful look.

After cleaning my face with a sterile pad, Dr Viel injected a total of 100 units of Dysport into my forehead, in-between my eyebrows, around the eyes, my chin and the jaw area. It didn’t really hurt but felt more like a tiny pinch. He was quite swift and each area, he said, was injected for a specific purpose. The jaw area was to give a slight lift in the area, the chin was to remove the dimpling and around the eyes area was to alleviate the signs of fatigue in the form of crow’s feet. The forehead of course was to give a lift and also help stop the frown lines from forming again and again. Next was the slightly trickier part—the Juvaderm which was available in different grades and had an interesting technique of injecting. Dr Viel said the needle itself was super blunt and that was created to cause less bruising but also inflict less pain and overall trauma to the skin. The second interesting part was that there was no need for a local anaesthetic before the treatment as this filler had a built in anaesthetic. This not only saved me time from the usual having to wait at least 20 minute for the anaesthesia to set in but was great for last minute injections.  Dr Viel injected fillers, made from hyaluronic acid which we naturally have in our bodies, into the cheek bone area – as we age, we lose fat from the face making us look older.–just a tiny bit to give a lift and make my face slightly plumper looking creating more youthful contours.  This fillers around the cheek bone area can also be used to soften eye bags so they are less obvious and are blended in by the fillers. After the filler treatment was done I felt somewhat sore and bruised somewhat but Dr Viel explained that would be gone by the next day.

Results: Two weeks later, I am ecstatic. My forehead is smooth without a sign of any lines or ageing, My eyes look rested and my face has a youthful contour with less sharp bony looking angles and rather now is fuller and softer. Not only do I look rested but I feel more confident and happier about how I look now. For a look that is completely natural and in-tune with the latest beauty trends straight out of Europe, I definitely recommend Dr Viel.

What: Liquid Facelift

Where: Plastic Surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery

Contact: London Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Gulf Dubai 04 375 2393