Time is Of the Essence This Summer

Life is fast paced. We rush to work, we rush to the gym, we rush to collect our children from school. We even rush to make that next major milestone in our life (less so past the age of 30…milestones are welcome to wait from then onwards).

One thing we cannot rush however, is our skin.

Patients frequently visit me 7 days before a ‘big event’ desperate to make radical changes that will make them feel better about themselves. They wish things were tighter, lines were dissolved and long-standing pigmentations immediately eradicated. At my disposal, there are prescriptive cosmeceuticals, skin peels, lasers, radiofrequency, PRP, volume increasing fillers, stem cells, Botox and Dysport, even two rather well educated plastic surgeons; surely with a mix of these magical medical ingredients, almost any problem can be solved?

As much as this is true, one key ingredient is needed, and that is… time.

With summer approaching, and the pressure to take a holiday looking your best or visit family back at home looking refreshed and radiant (even if this is far from how you feel inside) makes it a good time to consider making changes now.

The Skin

Your skin is made up of 5 separate layers, with the most outer layer largely comprising of dead cells (keratinocytes). It is easy to make a quick ‘freshen up’ of your skin by simply removing these keratinocytes to expose the softer skin underneath. This can be done using microdermabrasion or a very light skin peel 1-2 days before you travel.

Removing these keratinocytes will not change your skin however.

Or result in long lasting improvements to carry you through the entire summer.

For skin to appear truly tighter and brighter, you need to speed up the cell turnover of the skin and ‘switch on’ the areas that produce fresh collagen and elastin, aiding skin strength and flexibility. This process naturally becomes lazy as we age, as we smoke, as we drink alcohol, as we expose ourselves to the sun and as we eat diets rich in sugar.

Skin Stimulation

Lasers, chemical peels, PRP and radiofrequency speed up the production of new skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin at their most basic level. The effects can be incredible for minimizing scarring, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, evening out skin tone and encouraging your skin to ‘glow.’ The skin cells naturally replace themselves approximately every 28 days. Therefore, if we wish to improve our skin, results will be minimal before an entire month post procedure and you may require more than 1 treatment.

Frequently these treatments can also make your skin more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Not ideal when you combine them with your summer holidays out on the beach. To avoid side effects, always wear sun block (factor 30 or above) and try to keep sun exposure to a minimum whilst undergoing any form of skin treatment, unless advised otherwise by a medical professional (as noted before, sun exposure does accelerate skin ageing, along with increasing the risk of skin cancers, so always a good idea to reduce exposure anyway!) An ideal scenario would be to consider you treatments NOW, before your holidays begin. Allowing time for healing and time for results.

Once the skin has been stimulated for growth, it is important to feed it. Immediately post treatment, the ongoing importance of a good skincare regime, inclusive of vitamin rich serums and moisture are required. This is the opportunity to have a skin care regime developed for your own individual needs. Especially when your skin will be at its most responsive. Your doctor will also be able to discuss your skin care needs whilst you holiday.


Removing more stubborn lines and filling in any areas of lost volume is done using muscle relaxants (Botox/Dysport) and fillers (hyaluronic acid.) These products are fantastic for enhancing improvements made to your skin and diminishing unattractive facial expressions such as frowning.

Although the results for filler injections can be instant (with more natural ‘softening’ taking a period of approximately 2 to 14 days), having your muscle relaxant injections can feel like an anti-climax. You have been so excited to have the procedure done, anticipating the years that will instantly fall off your face…only to look exactly the same as when you arrived.

Time is again the missing ingredient.

Muscle relaxants take 5-14 days to take full effect and see the results that you desire. Booking an appointment a few days before your holiday will not allow time for any minor healing bruises to settle or for results to become apparent. It is also advised to be in the same country 14 days after your procedure. Touch ups can then be carried out, ensuring the most natural but full effect possible. 

Year-Round Care

When you look better, you also feel better. But do not forget that when you feel better, you also look better. Taking time to exercise, feeding your body with nutrient dense foods and taking time to de-stress is as important for your skin, general well being and confidence as any external procedure money can buy.

Likewise, be kind and give yourself the gift of time. Stimulating the skin, feeding the skin and injecting the skin with fillers and muscle relaxants can have wonderful results. It is exceptionally rewarding for both patient and physician to see the end results achieved. However, attempting to rush results in time for your last minute holiday will not give you your maximum effect.

‘Pick me ups’ and ‘freshen ups’ can be achieved to give you a warm holiday glow at a moment’s notice. Yet to make real change, consider year-round care skin care before and after your swim wear season.

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