Treatments for the eyes: Botox, fillers, YouLaser and Blepharoplasty Dubai

The eye area is more prone to signs of ageing than the rest of the face as the skin is thinner and is perpetually in motion from creating facial expressions.  Dr Maurizio Viel, an Italian cosmetic surgeon, who has practices in London and Dubai tells us more about prevention and treatments for some common problems.

#Problem 1: Fine Lines

Our bodies are made up of cells, and whilst we are younger the body continually creates new cells.  However, over the years, this ability to generate new cells diminishes, and ageing ensues.  The skin also loses collagen and elastin over time.

Treatment: Botox and Laser

Botox can be used to treat the outer eye area to help relax the muscles, which in turn minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  The treatment takes 20-minutes with no downtime.

Dr Viel also recommends the YouLaser, a laser from Italy that is a fractional mixed technology is a state of the art ablative and non-ablative fractional laser, offering great results in laser resurfacing.  The treatment takes around 1-hour and has 2 – 3 days downtime.

#Problem 2: Tired-looking eyes

As we age, due to stress and lifestyle, we can all look tired.  The under-eye looks sunken, creating a shadow.

Treatment: Fillers

Dr Viel says, ‘in cases like these we can use a hyaluronic acid filler to fill out the sunken area, creating a smoother under eye.  The results can last eight months to a year.’  The treatment takes 20-minutes with minimal downtime.

# Problem 3: Eye Bags

These are puffy bags that bulge below the eyes due to weakened collagen fibres and muscles.  The skin sags and the fat protrudes to create the puffy look.

Treatment: Fillers or Blepahroplasty

If the eye bags are mild to moderate it is possible to use fillers to blend the bag in to create less of a protrusion.  However, in more severe cases the best and most effective solution would be to remove the eye bag in a quick surgical procedure that takes around 30-minutes.  The fat is removed and it quickly refreshes the eye taking years off the face.

# Problem 4: Droopy eyelids

Overtime, some people are more prone to droopy eyelids especially those that have a more prominent hood.  This is often a medical indication because it makes it difficult to see and can be uncomfortable to read or to put on make up.

Treatment: Blepharoplasty

There is little you can do when it comes to drooping eyelids.  The most effective way would be through surgery.  It is a 30-minute procedure, and can be also done in conjunction with the lower eye bags too.

# Problem 5: Droopy eyebrows

The arches of the eyebrows droop more and more and can worsen the look of hooded eyes.

Treatment: Botox

A little botox can give a natural-lifting lift.  The results from the botox last up to 3 – 6 months.

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Botox, fillers and Blepharoplasty Dubai