Skin hyperpigmentation is caused by an abnormal overproduction of melanin, the substance responsible for skin colour. As the production of melanin increases, it eventually results in facial blemishes, uneven skin colour, and dark or brown spots. Also, excess sun exposure may often lead to darker facial blemishes. There are a few factors that cause hyperpigmentation which includes hormonal changes and pregnancy.

Thankfully, there is an effective treatment to diminish these facial blemishes known as the Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment. The Dermamelan treatment has a direct effect on the formation of melanin thereby inhibiting its production and eliminates facial pigmentation. Besides, it also contains Vitamins that help rejuvenates the skin. 

The Treatment: DERMAMELAN

The Dermamelan involves two steps: the application of the facial mask at the doctor’s clinic and a strict home care treatment.


On the day of the office treatment, an oil removing solution will be applied initially which is followed by the depigmentation mask. It is important to note that the mask will be visible on the face when you leave the office, therefore, it is best to go straight home after the treatment. The Dermamelan mask will be left in place for a minimum of 8 hours. Once the minimum 8 hours is finished, the face can be washed using soap and water.


The next step on the Dermamelan treatment is the homecare treatment involving the application of the homecare cream daily for three times a day (depending on the doctor’s recommendation). No other cream, sunscreen or liquid foundation must be applied on top for three hours after homecare application treatment, as this may dilute the effect of the Dermamelan. This homecare treatment is very crucial to achieving the initial depigmentation treatment and should not be interrupted. 

A few days after the treatment (usually two to three days), the skin will appear red, dry, itchy and will start to peel off. This is a normal and transitory effect. A moisturising cream or sunscreen can be applied several times of the day while taking note of the three-hour lag period after application of the Dermamelan cream.

It is not recommended to undergo Dermamelan treatment as a combination with any other facial treatments. This includes any peels of any kind. 


A month after the application of the Dermamelan mask, visible results are noticeable. This treatment may be continued but will depend on the results of the depigmentation obtained and the doctor’s recommendation. A maintenance treatment may also be advised.

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