Breast Reduction

The struggle is real for women who have large breasts as many show signs of physical discomforts like pain on the shoulder, neck, and back, inflammation or rash from the skin irritation which is typically found at the folds below the breasts. Over time, indentation of the shoulders can be seen due to the bra straps that marks on the shoulders.

Thus, many women seek medical consultation for the simple reason of getting relief from the symptoms associated with large breasts. The main treatment for having large breasts is breast reduction surgery (medically known as reduction mammoplasty).

The Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is the surgical removal of breasts tissue, fat and skin. This procedure is designed to reduce and reshape large breasts. The breasts are reshaped to give a more natural look with the areola and nipples placed on a higher position. There are several techniques by which a breast reduction may be performed. The technique will de specific depending on the anatomical status of the breasts, expectation and the surgeon’s recommendation.

The recovery for breast reduction can take two to six weeks. However, you can return to work in 1-2 weeks. During this time, your breasts may still ache and feel sore occasionally. Also, you may need to wear a support bra for the first month and limit your exercise to stretching, bending, and swimming.

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