I have lost volume after breastfeeding my children, and would like to go back to my original size but I am not sure if I like the idea of having implants.

The technology of implants has come a long way since the first implants were invented.  The best types of implants on the market these days use cohesive silicon gel in the casing that has a natural feel, and if you cut the implants in half the silicon remains within the case so it does not have a chance of leaking like older models.  Some of the makers of these cohesive gel implants are also providing lifetime guarantees on the implants showing how confident they are of their products.  However, if this is still not for you, a very good ‘organic’ solution would be to use your own fat harvested from other areas of your body, and mixed in with your own stem cells to boost your volume again in the breast area.  With the help of these mysenchymal stem cells, the volume is a permanent increase, and is suitable for patients who really fear implants. Both surgeries are both performed by the surgeon as a day case procedures under sedation which is not to be mistaken with general anaesthesia and the pain in minimal and after 48 hours you can resume to most normal activities like driving.