There are a few reasons why women decide to go under the knife to have breast enhancement surgery. One reason may be due to the loss of volume after childbirth. Another reason is that some women have naturally small breasts and want to enhance them with breast implants.

Dr Viel discusses below the options when deciding to have breast enhancement surgery. But keep in mind, these are just a few guidelines to consider. It is best to discuss these options during a consultation with our world-renowned doctors, Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel.


Saline-filled or silicone gel-filled?

Saline is another name for sterile salt water, the same one that is found in IV fluids used to nourish the body when dehydrated. Saline-filled implants can be an empty silicone shell or pre-filled and can be adjusted post-surgery by injecting saline to achieve the desired size.

On the other hand, silicone gel-filled implants  are more popular due to its material feeling more like natural breasts. With improved technology, there are implants available in the market that maintain its softness overtime and has proven its efficacy after years in the market.


Subpectoral or Subglandular?

Subpectoral means under the muscles. This type of position requires placing the implants under the pectoral muscles and the breast tissue. Also, this type of placement tends to have longer recovery time and more painful. However, the muscle can act as a support for the implants.

Subglandular placement refers to the implants being placed between the muscles and the breast tissues. Recovery time is shorter compared to subpectoral.


Inframammary, Periareolar, or Transaxillary?

Inframammary is a technique wherein the surgeon uses the folds underneath the breasts to insert the implants.  By far, this is the most popular surgical approach.

The periareolar is when the incision is done around the areola. In this manner, there is a tendency for the scars to be somewhat visible.

While the transaxillary approach has the advantage of leaving the breasts scar-free since the placement of the implants are near the armpits.

In Dubai, Dr. Maurizio and Dr. Roberto Viel are available to speak with you and will carefully select and match the breast implants or surgery to the look that you require and want to achieve.

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