Breast Augmentation trends with Dr Roberto Viel | Dubai | London

Breast Augmentation is also known as breast enlargement or a ‘boob job’.  Our surgeons in Dubai are also registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK.

We speak to a leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr Roberto Viel, who has clinics with his twin brother on London’s Harley Street and Dubai Healthcare City.  With over 25 years experience, we asked him about recent trends on breast augmentation.

Dr Viel comments, ‘The whole fake boob look is getting generally smaller in size, and our patients increasingly want a more subtle and natural look.’ This is one signature look that the Viel twins are well-known for is the natural aesthetic appearance. ‘When, the breast implants are too large, they tend to stretch and be visible through the skin.’

‘The most important factor after size is the scar.  We usually place the scar in the natural breast fold.  This means that the scar will be hidden in the fold, and when the patient is naked, the scar is not obvious.’ says Dr Roberto Viel.  Healing of the scar, he adds is very much dependent on the quality of the patient’s skin.  90% of patients scars will fade in a few months into a fine white line, whilst some patients may have a slightly darker mark. (usually affects patients who don’t heal well normally).  However, when the scar is in the fold, it’s perfectly hidden no matter how the patient’s skin heals.

Breast augmentation in Dubai also can be done at anytime, and does not affect breast feeding should the procedure be done properly.  ‘Many of our patients have breast fed after the procedure and may return after to increase the size of their implants after the pregnancy and feeding have stretch their breasts.’

Your plastic surgeons, Drs Roberto and Maurizio Viel, will discuss the best approach to help you achieve your ideal look and goals. 

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Breast Augmentation Dubai Trends