What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure which enhances the size and shape of a women’s breasts. It is also commonly known as a ‘boob job’. Breast augmentation is performed for either cosmetic or surgical reasons and can increase a woman’s self-confidence and improve breast appearance.

What are the most successful methods for my breast augmentation?

The doctors at LCAS offer two methods for breast augmentation; autologus fat transfer and highly cohesive silicon implants.

Which method should I use?

It depends on your requirements and preferences but as a rule of thumb implants are used for a standardized size increase in the breast or where no excess fat is available; the fat transfer procedure uses existing body fat to augment the breast area and as such the size increase depends on the quantity of fat available.

How many cup sizes can I expect to increase my breasts by?

When using breast implants, there is much flexibility to increase the cup size, but it is advisable to discuss your expectations with your surgeon to make sure you are aware of what is realistic. When using fat to increase the volume, commonly, patients can expect to increase by one bra cup size. The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who are looking for improvement in their breast size and shape, not perfection.

Will I achieve the perfect shape?

An implant or fat transfer will increase the size of your breasts and will therefore alter the shape.  This can increase volume and adjust the shape, filling the upper part of the breast that has lost volume for various reasons like age, weight loss or post-baby. But for women who specifically want to correct sagging boobs or change their breast shape post baby change your surgeon may recommend a breast lift.

How long is the procedure and is it painful?

The surgery takes 1-2 hours to complete under sedation so you won’t feel any discomfort or awareness during the procedure. You are likely to feel soreness and discomfort after the surgery particularly when lifting your arms however you will be mobile again after 24-48 hours. You should be able to return to work after just a few days but strenuous activities should be avoided for up to six weeks.

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