World-renowned surgeons with an unequalled heritage.

Philosophers have pondered the nature of beauty for centuries. Aristotle wrote “art partly completes what nature cannot bring to a finish” and Italian brothers Doctors Roberto and Maurizio Viel and the London Centre For Aesthetic Surgery in London and Dubai, are world renowned for doing just that.

The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery was established in 2008 by brothers Doctors Maurizio and Roberto Viel, fully qualified surgeons with international certification in cosmetic surgery and Fellows of a number of renowned associations throughout Europe and the United States of America.

At the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery our commitment is to provide the highest standard of medical treatment with the aim of heightening the patients self esteem and inner confidence. We believe that cosmetic surgery is an improvement, not a total revision or an unrealistic quest for perfection.

Both Dr Roberto and Dr Maurizio Viel are professional doctors for more than 25 years. They offer very professional, caring and compassionate services.

Dr.Roberto and Dr.Maurizio Viel
Crisalix Virtual Aesthetic

Want to see the new you BEFORE the procedure?

Welcome to the new era of plastic surgery. Discover your new you during a consultation with our surgeons with the use of Crisalix and its advanced technology to accurately determine the anatomical changes before and after your surgery.

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