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Dr Viel LCAS Blepharoplasty MACS Facelift  214x300 Fat Transplant with Dr Roberto Viel, cosmetic surgeon LondonWho would have thought to take fat from your most stubborn spots and to place them into body parts that actually need it! This is possible for the fat to be taken from the thighs, muffin tops, abdomen and other similar areas, and it can be reinjected into the breast area (breast augmentation), hands (to hide ageing and veiny hands), face (as an alternative to fillers to create more youthful and permanent youthful contours to the face).

Dr Roberto Viel, cosmetic surgeon for over 25 years in London and Dubai tell us more facts about the surgical procedure.

Here are some facts

Other names : Lipofixing, Lipotransfer, Fat Harvesting

How does it work? : Fat is removed from a part of your body with abundant fat deposits, purified and then injected back into the part of your face or body that needs filling or contouring.

What happens? : You are either sedated (this is not the same as general anaesthesia) or local anaesthetic is used. The harvesting area is chosen (usually from the abdomen but fat can also be harvested from thighs or hips). The fat is then cleaned and filtered. The area of your face requiring rejuvenation is anaesthetised and the fat is very carefully and precisely injected back into your face. The amount of fat put into each area is always more than is needed as about 40 – 50% will be absorbed by the body. We keep additional fat in the freezer for potential future sessions.

How does it feel? : You don’t feel anything as you are sedated. Afterwards, there may be some bruising, swelling and slight discomfort. The area that has done the liposuction may feel tender for a few days.

How long before it heals? : You have to stay up to two hours following surgery (if you have sedation) and you will need painkillers and antibiotics. You will have to keep a compression bandage on the harvest area for a week and there will be a suture (stitch) that is removed after one week.

When will I see results? Immediately following surgery. But best results when any swell in and bruising subsides (about a week).

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