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Q&A with Dr Roberto Viel, cosmetic surgeon in London for over 25 years answers some of your questions.

I’d like to get liposuction, but I’m afraid of the procedure, is there anything out there that’s less invasive but efficient? 

Many have tried diet and exercise and non-invasive machines with little or no permanent results for target weight loss areas such as the ‘muffin top area’ and ‘saddlebags’.  Liposuction still remains one of the most effective methods to contour the body especially for stubborn areas such as the outer, inner thighs, abdomen and back.  Even when we diet and exercise, we cannot guarantee that the fat will be lost from the areas that we want to lose them from.  After 30, the body will usually lose fat from the face and the breasts first rather than the lower half of the body – this can actually age you more as some fat for the face is always essential.  For liposuction, the VASER liposuction technique is safe, effective and an accurate for fat removal with a quicker recovery time and less bruising compared to traditional methods but make sure you visit an experienced surgeon.  For more information click here VASER Liposuction 

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